The Drugstore ‘Hidden Gem’ Liquid Shadow

Here in the UK, liquid shadows are not always easy to find in the aisles of boots and superdrug – creams and powder formulas are much more common and perhaps seem far less scary than an eyeshadow that looks like a lip product! From bronze shades to purples and to blues, Rimmel have really got the formula right on these ScandalEyes Shadow Paints!

004 Peachy Apricot, the shade I’m going to babble on about in this post, is a beautiful, warm peach shade with a Read More »

GRWM | The Weekend Edition

Yes, the time has come – I’ve finally ventured into the world of YouTube. Aside from the unfortunate thumbnail, the bed hair and my comfy p-j’s, I really hope you enjoy watching my first YouTube video as much as I enjoyed creating it.

I chose to do a weekend get ready with me as it shows my go to look at the moment, as well as how I get ready in the mornings!

Please let me know what you think in the comments! I would love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. I filmed this on an Olympus Pen camera with incredible quality, but YouTube only allows it to be watched in 480p at the moment, do any of you know the reason for this?

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Milly x

The Best ‘Primer’ Out There?


Once NikkieTutorials over on YouTube expressed her love for the Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer, practically everyΒ YouTuber out there hasΒ tried and raved about this product. Yes, a men’s shaving balm as a primer. And finally, after watching KathleenLights’ review of this, I couldn’t resist going out and trying it for myself – anything she loves I love.


If you have witnessed Nikkie raving about this product, then I’m sure you will be well aware that this shave balm contains Read More »

My Mac Lipstick Collection


Mac lipsticks is the department of my makeup collection that is constantly expanding. It’s the makeup product that I have acquired the most of, and I doubt that it’s going to stop here either. The variety of lipsticks that Mac has to offer is insane – not only colour wise, but texture/finish wise too. So, from neutral to bold, here’s my current collation of Mac lipsticks that I have somehow managed to obtain within the past year or so.Read More »

My Christmas Day Makeup


After a long time debating what makeup I was going to wear for Christmas day, shying away from the warm tones I am very much accustomed to, frosted, sparkly eyes paired with a true red lip was the look I decided to go for. Stepping even further out of my comfort zone, I even added some false lashes, however, Read More »