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utube post

YouTube, you have really let yourself down. Having been the platform to which I had been posting video content since March 2016, you decided to ‘terminate’ my channel that I had been dedicating my time to for almost two years.
I had apparently ‘violated’ your ‘community guidelines’, to which I had no knowledge of, and you didn’t even inform me as to how I had violated these guidelines.
I had been respectful of your terms of service the whole time I had been creating videos, and the fact that you have taken this all away from me without explanation is upsetting to say the least. I took my channel very seriously.
I don’t even run a beauty blog anymore because YouTube became the platform that I wanted to solely use to share my passion for beauty to my followers.
I have created a new blog specifically to publish this post to give my subscribers somewhat of an explanation, even though I don’t know what to say as I am unaware of where the issue even lies.
My channel was terminated on Sunday evening (28th January 2018) with no warning. I had not received any strikes for either copyright issues or for community guideline issues, so I never even had the chance to resolve the ‘issue’ that I have now been punished for.
Two months ago I invested in a £500 Canon camera to use to film my YouTube videos. For Christmas I received a new microphone to make my video quality even better. And what for? Nothing.
My personal response to this is that YouTube seriously need to reconsider what message they are portraying through this. Because I certainly know I am not the only one that this has happened to having received many messages from other video creators. Not only am I not the only one that this has happened to, but a number of my subscribers have messages me with their thoughts on the matter stating that YouTube are a ‘joke’.
Logan Paul, for example, as you all probably know, uploaded content showing a suicidal man’s dead body. Do you see his channel being terminated? No, you don’t. And unfortunately that’s because Logan Paul makes YouTube shit tonnes of money, unlike me and my channel talking about makeup, which is clearly so damaging to the public.
So what’s the message, YouTube? That all small content creators should start uploading content with them laughing at a man’s body who took his own life? Or maybe small video creators should just not even bother uploading their first video in the first place, because sooner or later they’re going to be inexplicably punished for it to get them off the radar, just like what’s happened to me.
I have appealed my case, and have been rejected, stating that my channel will stay suspended. And yet I still have not been informed as to what I even did wrong, because I haven’t done anything to violate the guidelines!!
So thank you, YouTube. Thank you so much for allowing me to waste my money on a new camera and new equipment for my channel just for it to be wiped away from me with no warning whatsoever.
But now that’s all off my chest and after all that I have said, I still need and want to get my channel back. I’m going to keep trying to get my YouTube channel back, because making YouTube videos had become a huge part of my life, and I don’t feel the same without it. I want to keep making videos for my subscribers, so no matter what it takes, I will try my absolute best to get it back, because I have not done anything to deserve this and have been respectful to YouTube and their terms of service.
I would never do anything to risk my channel being taken away from me, but I will do everything to try and get it back.